Anatomical and Functional Knee Workshop


Anatomical and Functional Knee 1 Day Workshop

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This workshop gives knowledge of how to manage knee alignment during exercise and sport, therefore decreasing the amount of injuries and common recurring problems.

During the workshop common knee issues will be discussed including joint analysis. Both gentle stretching and strengthening techniques will be demonstrated to bring about alignment and balance.

The workshop will be broken up into two halves, firstly, theory behind the anatomy and physiology and then secondly, the practical applications and exercises will allow opportunity to look at suitable stretches and exercises to develop muscle balance and core strength.

The Workshop will cover:

  • Physiology of the knee
  • Kinetics of the knee
  • Correct knee alignment
  • Knee joint pathology
  • Ligament pathology
  • Functional movement
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Common injuries
  • Treatments for common injuries
  • Posture types
  • An awareness exercise for your own alignment
  • Stretches and exercise to regain core strength and muscle balance
  • Exercise considerations

Course Date: Sunday 18th November 2018 2pm – 6pm

Venue: Southampton


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