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Yoga is becoming increasingly popular around the world as people are discovering the wide spread benefits to mind, body and general wellbeing.  As the passion for yoga increases there is now a demand for more yoga teachers within fitness centres and the community.

On this internationally recognised and QCF accredited Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga course you will explore the origins of this ancient practice and begin the journey into becoming the yoga teacher that you want to be.  Whether, you are aiming to become a teacher, seeking to enhance your teaching skills or simply wish to develop your personal practice, the Fitt School of yoga programme provides you with the tools to enrich your practice and teach safe, effective yoga classes with fitness professionalism in mind.

During the practical aspect of the course, you will learn how to teach asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing) and study various aspects of yoga philosophy including: mudras, bandhas, meditation and relaxation.  The limbs of yoga taught on this course are adapted to the style of yoga that you like to practice and teach, from traditional forms of Hatha (Ashtanga and Iyengar) to Vinyasa  and Yin yoga.

It is essential that you have at least 2 years’ experience of practising Yoga regularly before attending this course!

Our teacher training programme will involve study and practise of approximately 300 hours.

Your training is comprised of a blended learning approach. You will undertake 6 weeks of distance learning (eLearning) before commencement of the practical aspect of the course.  The practical course is taught over 10 days, which are divided into 2 parts.  In between the 2 parts, you will be required to take what you have learned in Part 1 for further self-practise and study, before the commencement of Part 2.   You will also be encouraged to use this time to participate in classes teaching different yoga styles as well as form a practise yoga class for you to teach, made up of people you know.  From the moment of your enrolment, your Fitt tutors will be on hand at any time for any queries you may have.

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The pre-requisites for this qualification experience of regular Yoga practise.  You will gain 20 REPs point on successfully completion of this course and will be recognised on the Register of Exercise Professionals as a Level 3 Yoga Instructor.
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