Functional Pelvis and Lower Back Workshop


Anatomical and Functional hip workshop.

Product Description

Fitt are pleased to be able to offer this Anatomical and Functional hip and lower back workshop. Fitt have designed this new CPD workshop because lots of fitness professionals, exercise professionals, exercise enthusiasts and sports people need more information about how to look after their pelvis area and lower back, keep optimal lower back health.

Many people end up with hip and lower back injuries as a result of misalignment during normal exercise or in relation to sporting activities or just working life. Fitt’s main intention with this workshop is to provide fitness professionals and individuals with an interest in exercise and health with more information regarding the anatomy of their hips and lower back, correct hip and back alignment and how to manage common injuries with safe and effective exercises which will maintain optimal posture encourage recovery post injury.

This workshop will give you the knowledge of how to incorporate hip stability with correct back alignment into exercise and sport tuition  increasing strength, decreasing the amount of injuries, and common re-occurring hip and lower back problems.

We will also discuss how to manage common hip and lower back injuries and conditions with stretching and strengthening exercises. You will look at misalignment and muscle balance incorporating deep stabilising muscle exercises which will keep the hip and lower back healthy and free from injuries.

The workshop will be broken up into two halves, there will be theory behind the anatomy and physiology and then the practical applications of exercises giving you the opportunity to work with your peers looking at suitable stretches and exercises to develop core stabilising muscle misalignment and strength along with recovery from some of the common injuries and conditions.

This Fitt workshop is accredited by SkillsActive.

You will cover:

  • Anatomy of the hip and lower back
  • Physiology of the hip and lower back
  • Kinetics of the hip and lower back
  • Posture types
  • Common Postural ‘Syndromes’
  • Correct hip alignment
  • Hip joint pathology
  • Lower back pathology
  • Functional movement
  • Common injuries
  • Treatments and exercises
  • An awareness exercise for your own alignment
  • Pelvis Assessment
  • Exercise considerations
  • Signs and symptoms

Course Date:

Sunday Date to be confirmed 2017 10am till 4pm

Venue:  Southampton

There is no pre-requisite for this 6-hour workshop, you don’t need to be a fitness professional but if you hold a Level 3 Fitness Instructing Certificate or above.


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