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Standing Pilates 4-hour Workshop -CPD


Product Description

This 4-hour workshop will give you all the skills you need to revolutionise your mat classes with flowing standing exercises, transitions and choreography.

Standing exercises can be taught anywhere, with limited space; Or perhaps if you teach in a venue where the floor is unsuitable. The Standing Pilates course provides you with excellent alternatives for individuals unable to perform certain exercises on the mat and that struggle to get up and down from the floor.

The exercises develop the following:




Individuals who lack balance and stability such as the elderly and/or injured can be assisted through the use of accessories, such as a barre or wall.

You will learn:

Benefits of Standing Pilates

Review of postural alignment and awareness

Correct Body positioning

To teach ‘core’ exercises

Balance and Co-ordination exercises

Strength and flexibility exercises

Exercises for limited mobility

Adaptation and Progressions on all exercises

How to break down exercises and build them back for different abilities

How to advance the exercises for the stronger individuals

How to plan a session

How to plan a programme for one to one clients

Course date: Saturday 22nd September 2018 2pm till 6pm

Course Venue: Southampton


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