Teach Group Indoor Cycling (Spin)


Fitt Indoor Studio Spinning Cycling 1-Day Course

Product Description

If you are interested in expanding your professional skills in the studio teaching arena, consider our Level 1, Fitt One-Day Group Indoor Studio Cycling course.   Suitable for  gym or group class instructors, or even those just looking to refresh their skills; this day will enable you to teach a range of cycling styles using any of the fixed geared studio cycles on the market today.
Packed full of fresh and innovative  cycling techniques which will thrill and motivate your classes. The Fitt Team will take you through the full range of studio cycling techniques and knowledge using musical interpretation, rhythm and style. You will learn class design, cycling profiles and styles as well as methods of warming up and cooling down safely and effectively using the full range of studio cycles available.

With our outstanding reputation this is the only course you will ever need to teach  effective Indoor Studio Cycling classes.  Our students’ feedback demonstrates that this course has expanded their careers, giving them opportunities not only to teach classes but to also expand on their Personal Training sessions with clients using this fantastic cardiovascular training tool.

Your course tutors have experience of both Indoor Studio Cycling and outdoor Mountain Biking combined with years of teaching and tutoring to give those on the course an outstanding mix of comprehensive teaching styles, rhythm riding, advanced communication and motivation techniques to teach a wide variety of participants across varying fitness abilities and levels, leaving your participants coming back for more time and time again.

A Certificate in Level 2 Fitness Instructing is required as a prerequisite for this comprehensive Fitt One-Day Indoor Cycling Course (Level 1).
This qualification will allow you to teach Group Indoor Cycling sessions.  You will learn skills in planning, instructing and evaluating a safe and effective indoor group cycling class.

We now have an fantastic new level 2 Fitt Cycling workshop packed full of great new cycling techniques to up-skill you as a teacher and make your cycling classes not just exciting, but extraordinary.  This professional development course can be booked on request.

Course Dates (Level 1):
Tuesday 31st October 2017 09.00-17.00
Course venue:  VK Gym Bognor Regis, West Sussex


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