Fitt Specialist

Advance your knowledge and your health and fitness qualifications

We have lots of specialist courses for you to develop your career and your knowledge

Why Fitt Specialist?

Fitt Specialist training was established to raise the standards of all our students over and above that of their initial health and fitness training and certificates.
We have full level 3 and 4 qualifications which specialise in developing your qualifications opening up lots of advanced opportunity's in your career.
We are unique in our fully accredited 'specialist' workshops dedicated to particular parts of the body's anatomy, physiology and vulnerability to injury; ensuring that our students are always more professionally advanced and knowledgeable than any other.
Our specialist workshops are designed to improving your understanding of movement biomechanics, which will increase your ability to understand and prevent injuries when working with your clients.

Our Expert Tutors

The Fitt Specialist workshop training is developed and run by Tamara and Chris with many years experience as a human anatomy trainers and movement analysts, you are sure to gather a wealth of knowledge and understanding from our unique 4 hour workshops.
Our level 3 and 4 qualifications are run by Tamara with the support of a team of professionals in the health and fitness business, Tamara has a career in nursing and commercial business along side the Fitness industry which mean you get the very best from your training with Fitt.

  • Providing the highest of standards within the health and fitness industry
  • Our tutors have experience, exceptional knowledge and understanding
  • We assess every student on their own individual merits
  • We adhere to all equality and diversity considerations

Fitt Specialist Courses

Fitt Specialist Workshops are 4 hour sessions dedicated to different areas of the body's anatomy, physiology, vulnerability to injury and rehabilitation. You must possess a recognised qualification at either a Level 2, Level 3 or level 4 fitness based qualification to participate in these workshops and you will be awarded 4 Reps points for attendance.

Teach Ante and Postnatal L3

YMCA Awards Level 3 qualification in Instructing Physical Activity for Antenatal and Postnatal Exercise

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Anatomical and Functional Knee Workshop


Anatomical and Functional Knee 1 Day Workshop

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